Brinthan & Tharshika . Park Plaza Wedding

Wedding Park Plaza London

I feel as though I’ve been somewhere in the ‘picture’ since the beginning of Brinthan & Tharshika’s wedding journey. In fact, the family connection extends even further, since I had the pleasure of being wedding photographer at Brinthan’s sister’s wedding, two years ago!

At London Zoo last year, when Brinthan completely surprised Tharshika by proposing, I was concealed strategically behind a group of bushes. Fortunately for all of us, she said yes! After that, I seemed to become a permanent photographic fixture. I was there to document all the special moments and there were several! The Nichayathartham gathering at Tharshika’s home, the civil wedding, the beautiful, traditional Hindu wedding ceremony and finally the reception a couple of days later. I know weddings are emotional times but I must admit I was caught off guard by one particular moment from the entire celebration. Surprisingly it wasn’t the wedding itself, stunningly beautiful though it was…

This was two days later, at the Reception. Brinthan had asked me to put together a surprise slide show of the wedding for Tharshika and their guests. She was surprised all right! I absolutely loved her reaction to it. In fact, I wish I’d had the presence of mind to film it. To my astonishment, and, I suspect everyone else’s, after the show ended, Tharshika jumped out of her seat, followed immediately after by Brinthan. She came over to where I thought I was safely out of the way and hugged me. She had tears in her eyes! It was such a sweet, unguarded moment and I can honestly say I’ve never experienced that reaction from a wedding couple before. I know I’m the professional wedding photographer here, but I felt very emotional! It was a lovely way to end the celebrations which had begun in London Zoo, over a year ago.

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